Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Saves Your Yard in Dayton

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Your home is the biggest financial investment you will ever make. It is where you live, grow, raise your family and make your memories. It is your security. It makes sense, then, to protect that investment by making regular necessary repairs and replacements to keep the systems of your home running smoothly. While no one usually enjoys the process of home maintenance, it is of utmost importance to keep things functioning well and to prevent more costly repairs later on.

One such major home repair is that of your sewer lines. Traditionally, a repair or replacement of this kind meant severe damage to your yard since a large trench had to be dug out to expose the pipes in need of repair. It involved heavy equipment and a lengthy time frame to complete the work. It’s no wonder that this type of repair has been regarded with such dread for so long. But that was before Trenchless.

If you live in or around the Dayton area, Trenchless Sewer Line Repair is a whole new way to look at home maintenance. Using this method, there is no longer the need to tear up your yard in order to fix your pipes. Depending on the specific method used, only one or two small access holes are made, allowing the majority of your yard to remain intact throughout the repair. Trenchless saves your yard in several ways:

• No More Trench

Probably the biggest way that the trenchless method saves your yard is by getting rid of that huge, destructive trench. As mentioned, only one or two small holes will be necessary to repair the pipes. You don’t have to worry about repairing your entire yard as well as repairing your pipes. The process is simple and minimally invasive, giving you peace of mind that your yard will remain intact.

• No Heavy Equipment

With the trench method, heavy machinery was necessary to dig out the trench. Aside from the trench itself, having this equipment driving around your yard could possibly cause damage to landscaping and other structures. Not to mention the cost and inconvenience of having a bulldozer parked at your house for several days. With trenchless, there’s no damaging equipment and no need to fear for your garden gnome’s life!

• Future Damage is Prevented

The only thing worse than having your yard destroyed by machines and a trench is having it done again down the road. The technology used in trenchless repair creates a seamless pipe that is resistant to root intrusion as well as leakage. With no joints to break down, there is far less chance of breakage in the future, which means fewer repairs for you.

Trenchless sewer repair is truly a win-win option when it comes to home maintenance. It is a method that is faster, more efficient and lasts longer than traditional methods. All with significantly less damage and disruption to your yard and your life. Contact your Dayton plumbing professional if you are in need of sewer repairs. He can assess your situation and determine which trenchless process would work best for you. With this preferred option, there’s no need to put off the important maintenance of your home. You can now more easily take care of your investment, so that it can take care of you, today and well into the future.