Why Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repairs

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Unless you’re a plumber or contractor, it’s probably not everyday that you find yourself talking about plumbing, sewers, and septic systems. And even for those who are in that profession, it’s definitely not something that you enjoy having brought up in every conversation. But for the residents of Ohio, you’ve probably heard about this topic or even dealt with this topic just a little too much for your liking in the past few months.

With the uproar of issues coming out of Washington County about groundwater contamination, there’s really no way of avoiding this controversy in the news. The disagreement to get various towns on board for sewer pipe lines has been an ongoing fight that is now moving its way to the Ohio Attorney General’s office. It’s been proven that the ground contamination is due in large to failing septic systems of residents of a specific area. This is hazardous and just plain unsanitary for residents to be exposed to.

Thanks to this issue and the back and forth of ideas for what should be next, the ending result could turn out to be forcing residents to connect to the main sewer waste line, which many believe is the more sanitary and best option. It also means lots and lots and lots of work and renovation required. That is never a fun, ideal situation.

Why Should you Choose Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repairs

As you can see, Ohio has enough sewer issues and big-time projects in the making. There’s no need to add to the chaos. So what if you have your own sewer pipe repairs that you need done? Don’t worry about causing more havoc to the city because there is a new way to get your pipes back in order without all the hassle of excavations and construction.

That’s right, no construction—it’s a trenchless sewer pipe repair.

Modern plumbing solutions are taking a turn and are really becoming easier, faster, more economically friendly tasks. For the sewer pipes that are already in existence, repairs of all sorts are now done in record time thanks to the new cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. CIPP involves the injecting of epoxy lining into already existing pipes. This durable and long-lasting material forms to the old pipes and forms a new pipe within, leaving a better-than-new effect on the old piping system.

It gets even better. The process is minimally invasive, allowing plumbers to skip the biggest step of all – excavation! Plumbers are able to access the pipes through their tracts, clean them from within, and then fill them with the lining. This is a trenchless sewer pipe repair. What more could you ask for in a major sewer repair ? As unrealistic as it sounds, it’s real and it’s here for Ohio residents and commercial owners to utilize, saving you time, money, and stress.

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To avoid joining the list of those who are experiencing major sewer issues in the Ohio area, call the professionals at CME Sewer Repair. Trenchless sewer repair is an offered service at CME Sewer Repair, and their professionals are ready to assist in any fix or replacement that is needed.