What Kind of Sewer Damage Can CIPP Lining Repair? How Does it Work?

sewer lateral rehabilitation CincinnatiEvery year, more and more homeowners are looking for the best sewer lateral rehabilitation Cincinnati has to offer. But unfortunately, too many Cincinnati residents still haven’t heard of sewer lateral rehabilitation, also known as cured-in-place pipes (CIPP).

In the past, a busted sewer line required workers to bring in a backhoe and dig an expensive, ugly trench across your property. In fact, that’s the main reason so many Cincinnati residents are still putting off necessary sewer line repairs. According to consumer review website Angie’s List, 78 percent of their users had never heard of the latest “no dig” trenchless sewer repair techniques available to them.

So if you’ve been putting off drain inspections and much-needed sewer line repair work, then you should know what kind of sewer pipe damage can be cured with lateral lining repair:

    • Root Intrusion: Because tree roots can grow three times the size of above ground branches, they’re a serious hazard for your sewer lines. Tree roots can break into your sewer pipes, causing them to leak into the ground or even back up into your home. The best CIPP Cincinnati residents depend on can fully restore your home’s pipes.
    • Wear and Tear: Angie Hicks (of Angie’s List) recommends inspecting your sewer pipes immediately if your home is more than 40 years old. That’s because over time pipes can rust and start leaking into the surrounding ground. That’s bad for your property and the local environment, but nothing trenchless plumbing repair experts can’t fix.
    • Cracks and Broken Pipes: If your sewer pipes break or crack under pressure, then these cutting edge techniques can replace them using existing access points.

So how does sewer lateral rehabilitation work exactly?

Before you go looking for the best sewer lateral rehabilitation Cincinnati plumbers can offer, you should understand how this exciting technology works.

In short, plumbers use existing sewer access points to insert a high-tech pipe lining through your existing pipes. Then, this lining is heated, or cured, causing it to rapidly expand, creating a brand new pipe right where you need it. This long-lasting pipe lining can be used to completely replace old, aging sewer lines, or to patch damaged sewer sections. So if your sewer lines are leaking or backing up into your home, the best sewer lateral rehabilitation Cincinnati contractors can provide will solve the problem for decades to come.