What We Look For During a Sewer Camera Inspection

CME Pipe Lining provides sewer camera inspection services in Wyoming, OH for both residential and commercial clients. A camera inspection feeds a camera through your sewer line to get an up-close look at what is going on without having to dig up the actual pipes. Our trained technicians can see exactly what is happening under ground by watching from a monitor located above ground. Here are some of the areas we cover during an inspection: 

Sewer Lines

Our camera drain inspection in Wyoming, OH helps us locate exactly where your sewer line is. This is necessary before any construction project that requires excavation on the property. It’s also a good idea to locate your sewer line when you buy a new home, especially if you are planning on redoing the landscaping. Knowing the exact location of your pipes will allow you to plan around them in your design, so you can avoid blockages caused by invading tree roots later on.

Clogs and Blockages

Blockages in your sewer line can wreak havoc on your household. Your drains will run slowly, sinks and toilets may back up, and if left unattended, you could be facing some costly repairs. Our camera pipe inspection in Wyoming, OH allows us to quickly locate the source of a clog and perform a thorough drain cleaning to get rid of it.

Sewer Line Connections

Our plumbing inspection in Wyoming, OH allows us to see fittings, tees, and other connections in your sewer line. This information gives our technicians the ability to determine where the water flows to and from, allowing us to provide you with better service.

Contact CME Pipe Lining today if you need a reliable sewer inspection in Wyoming, OH. Our professional team can use cameras to locate pipes, find problem areas, and recommend the best solutions for your individual situation when it comes to your sewer pipe needs.