Why CME is a Leader in the Pipe Lining Industry

At CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair, we are passionate about the benefits of trenchless technology and how it has and will continue, to change the pipe repair industry. Specializing in trenchless pipelining, our company has invested years of time and money into providing residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients with practical methods of pipe repair that either do not or only minimally disturb their day to day lives. Our method and approach to using the latest technology and pipe lining methods allow us to provide the best and most effective service in the Cincinnati Tri-State area. It is our goal to provide all our customers with the most effective solutions, and to partner with other professionals to grow the trenchless pipe lining industry.

Our Growth as a Company

Just like any entrepreneurial business, our company started off small, with one man and an excavator. At its origins, CME performed a traditional sewer-pipe repair through excavation. Then one day, a customer asked for their pipe to be lined. Enter Perma-Liner whose equipment and training CME chose to invest in. With hard work, commitment and determination, we are now a multi-million dollar company, a respected brand and a market leader. Our commitment to providing the highest-quality and most-effective service to our customers remains our number one goal. Every piece of equipment we purchase, every innovation we test, and every business risk we take is to be able to better serve our customers. Our team members are trained in our processes and industry best practices and are hired for not only their mechanical skills but their character and commitment to our purpose and core values.

Your Leading Pipe Lining Professionals

What also sets our company apart is our unique customer base. Our team has an expert understanding of the types of pipe systems in your residential. commercial, industrial, or municipal property may have and how to best restore it with minimal or no downtime. Our team at CME Pipe Lining & Sewer Repair is dedicated to excellence in customer service, and we have the accreditation to prove it. CME has had a BBB A+ rating since 2012, and we always ensure every customer is completely satisfied with their results. Contact our team today to learn more about why CME is a leader in the pipelining industry and how we can work to provide you with a piece of mind.