Why We Recommend Routine Sewer Inspections

sewer camera inspection services in Cincinnati, OH

When your sewer system isn’t working right, your whole home is affected. Sewer problems can cause foul odors, slow drains, and messy sewage backups. At CME Pipe Lining, we offer thorough sewer camera inspection services in Cincinnati, OH. We find the problem, explain it and offer our professional opinion on how to fix it.

Find Problems Early

A sewer inspection with a camera is designed to find sewer problems while they’re still small. We can show you our findings so that you can see the problem for yourself. We can avoid the issue from becoming a worse problem.

Know the Problem’s Location

A pipe inspection with a camera shows us where your sewer problem is located. This allows us to make a repair more efficiently. Instead of digging up your whole yard, we can just access the area where the problem is. When we show you the problem, you’ll be able to make a confident and informed decision about how to proceed.

Decide on Repair or Replacement

When you’re having problems with your sewer drain or another pipe, tearing up the yard or walls is a costly proposition. With a camera plumbing inspection, we can determine if a repair will solve the problem or if a replacement of the pipe will be needed. Seeing the extent of the problem helps us choose the right repair or replacement process.

Find the Cause of the Problem

During a drain inspection, we can find the cause of the problem. This could help you prevent a recurrence. For example, the camera might show a tree root clog. You could use that information to schedule annual hydro jetting.

CME Pipe Lining is the trusted provider of video inspections of drains and plumbing systems. Call us or fill out the online form for more information or to schedule an appointment. You may also reach out to SWS Environmental, a division of CME.